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June 22th, 2017
Bluewater Cottage is the perfect Staycation get-away  for when you just need to get-away and don't want to travel far from the city. And remember pets are always welcome at no extra charge.
Please Note: It is a good idea to check back often as dates change regularly plus ones that are already booked may open up.

If you are planning a stay during our peak months don't delay as we usually book everynight during that period.
All 2017 dates Booked at this time.

Jun:         17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24
Jun:         25/26
Jun:         28/29
Jun:         30 July 1/2
Jul:          3/4/5/6
Jul:          7/8/9
Jul:          10/11/12
Jul:          15/16
Jul:          17/18/19/20/21
Jul:          22/23/24
Jul:          25/26
Jul:          28/29/30/31/ Aug: 1
Aug:        3/4/5/6
Aug:        11/12
Aug:        13/14
Aug:        18/19
Aug:       21/22/23/24
Aug:       31
Sept:      1/2/3
Sept:      15/16
Sept:      23/24/25
Oct:       1/2/3 (on hold)
Oct:       6/7/8
Dec:       27/28 (on hold)
Weekends available at this time:
Aug:    25/26
Sept:   8/9
Sept:   29/30